Tenancy Cleaning – Any Striking Details These Give Associated with

End of tenancy cleaning in London is increasingly in demand, with more and more lettings and management agencies demanding professional cleaning from their tenants on vacating their properties. While this might seem such as an expense for nothing, what’s hilariously ignored about the specific situation isn’t the cleaning itself, but what those tenants leave behind for one-off cleaning companies to grab after them.

Horror stories include live pets, collections of dirty condoms and years worth of old newspapers that had obviously doubled as intimate care products. Here certainly are a few favourites:

Rummaging amongst the lots of empty wine and champagne bottles that fuelled the finish of tenancy leaving party the night before, one cleaner actually found a living person. An event casualty leftover from the prior evening who was woken up, to his great surprise, only to find that most his mates had left and been replaced by a group of cleaners. The cleaners were kind enough to spell out what had happened and send him off in the right direction.

A Florence and the Machine song comes in your thoughts: one end of tenancy cleaner found a sleep that had actually been set on fire. Even though flat was otherwise very clean, the guest bed, one of the only remaining bits of furniture in the flat, had had the sheets burnt off the bed. This particular scenario was complete with smoke stains rising up the headboard and wall. London End of Tenancy Cleaning Luckily it have been put out and no-one had a need to call the fire department, although the next tenant could have been on the market for a new bed.

While one-off cleaning your house of an elderly resident who had recently moved into an assisted-care home, cleaners found a pet in the basement. Not a big deal particularly. They found several more cats, without a litter box in sight. Besides the cleaning itself, they reported that the smell bordered on the unbearable. A little pet mess is something, but leaving all your pets in the house whenever you re-locate is fairly another. The cats needed to be packed off to Battersea as, sadly, the resident was unable to own pets at her new residence.

And so, a phrase to the wise: look closely at the things you leave behind, as you never know who might see them and what they may need to say about it.

Alfred Halfnight is really a London-based freelance journalist with a mission to get you to a much better, cleaner, happier human being. He enjoys writing articles in regards to the obscure facets of modern life, and thinks this is exactly what Kafka would have done if he lived in the twenty-first century.

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