Recycle Your own Giveaway Winnings

In the event that you enter giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes often you are bound to win something that you do not really would like or have a need for. You could have thought you wanted it but when you first got it, decided it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. Here are four approaches to for you yourself to reuse your giveaway winnings.

1. Presents & Gifts

Give your prize as a birthday present. In the event that you enter plenty of children or baby giveaways and win them best giveaway prizes, as opposed to providing them with to your son or daughter immediately, save them as a birthday present. The hardest part with this idea is keeping my children from finding the packages.

Use your prizes as Christmas gifts. Christmas gifts can range from easy to complex and depending on the giveaways you are winning most of them would make great Christmas gifts.

2. Contribute to Charities, Shelters, and People In Need

Charities and shelters are always needing items. In the event that you win a kids’ game you may donate it to a kids’ foster group, an orphanage, or your local hospital for used in the pediatric unit. Not only are you putting the prize to good use but you are also filling a need.

3. Libraries

Did you win a guide from a giveaway? After you are done reading the book you are able to donate it to your local library. If it’s a kids’ book you may even donate it to your local school.

4. Host your own giveaway

When you yourself have your own blog you are able to host your own giveaway for the unwanted prize. This is a superb way to reuse your prize as well as driving some traffic to your site. The sole draw back once again to this choice is that you must pay any shipping charges.

You will find literally hundreds of ways you may reuse giveaway winnings and they are merely a few. I have entered giveaways knowing I would donate the prize to a service group if I won or utilize it as a gift. The number of choices are endless. Start entering giveaway and you may help met some unknown need.

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